The top 17 private universities in Belgium in 2024

We invite you to find in this article, the top 17 private universities in Belgium in 2024 for Belgian, European and foreign students.

By the way, if you want to study in Belgium, you must besides have an idea about the best universities in Belgium, but also have an idea about the private universities in Belgium.

Indeed, Belgian private universities offer hundreds of study specialties in almost all fields.

Although the fees for studies in private universities in Belgium are significantly higher than those of public universities, but, they remain a preferred choice for European and foreign students.

In addition, more and more students, whether Belgian, European or foreign, are moving towards private higher education.

This is certainly due to several factors, namely:

  • Fewer constraints to studying in the specialty you like in a private university than in a public university.
  • The multitude of choice of specialties, which lets the student choose the field he prefers.
  • The quality of private higher education, that, does not differ from that of public education.
  • Opportunities offered by private universities.
  • Diplomas approved and recognized everywhere.
  • And, many other arguments in favor of private higher education.

Moreover, private universities in Belgium are considered to be among the best universities in the world.

Furthermore, hundreds of foreign students choose Belgium for their higher education.

But, you must note that the majority of these private universities in Belgium teach in the English language.

So, it is better to take courses in English before leaving to study in Belgium.

Let’s go.

The 17 top Private Universities in Belgium in 2024

You are now offered to see the list of the best Belgian private universities in 2024.

  1. Ben Air Flight Academy
  2. Alfred Ford School of Management
  3. European College of Liberal Studies
  4. Brussels Business Institute for Higher Education
  5. Brussels School of Competition
  6. College of Advertising and Design
  7. International School of Management
  8. European School of Communication
  9. International Academy of Osteopathy
  10. The new school in Antwerp
  11. Higher School of Audiovisual Production
  12. International Institute of Football Affairs
  13. International Institute of Management
  14. Charles Peguy Institute
  15. United International Business Schools
  16. Vasco da Gama European Institute of Diplomacy and International Relations
  17. VATEL International Business School for hotel and tourism management

This ranking is based on the popularity of Belgian private universities with Internet users (average number of visitors per month).


So, to conclude our article on the top private universities in Belgium, we have identified for you the 17 most popular Belgian private universities with students that offer hundreds of degree programs.

Indeed, Belgian private universities are increasingly renowned, given the quality of the education they offer.

Thus, if one of these Belgian private universities interests you, we advise you to contact it for more information on the following points:

  • Study specialties
  • Dates of admissions to Belgian private universities.
  • Price of studies in Belgian private universities.
  • Etc.

So, do not hesitate to contact the Belgian private university of your choice for any requests for additional information.

On the other hand, before going to study in Belgium, you must know all the options offered, namely the Belgian private universities and the best public universities in Belgium.

In addition, and as a bonus, we suggest that you read our article on online student jobs, in which we have gathered for you nearly 17 ways to make ends meet as a student!

Finally, you should also know that some of these private Belgian universities can allow you to study in Belgium for free through the Belgian scholarships.

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