Social Entrepreneurship Scholarship Group France 2021

Social Entrepreneurship Scholarship Group – All informations you must know .

Find out all the information about INSEAD  scholarship :

  • The year of study?
  • Who offers the scholarship?
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  • The amount of the scholarship?
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Presentation of the scholarship : Social Entrepreneurship Scholarship Group

The INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Scholarship Group channels applications for the Padma and Rashmi Shah Social Enterprise Scholarship and the Andy Burgess Endowed Scholarship for Social Entrepreneurship.

These two scholarships are on offer for the December Class. Successful candidates may only receive one of these awards.

Scholarship Information :

  • Year : 2020-2021 2021-2022
  • Country : France
  • Organization : INSEAD
  • Name : Social Entrepreneurship Scholarship Group
  • Level : Master
  • Specialty : Business Administration
  • Target : All Targets
  • Number of scholarships : 2
  • Amount : 20.000€
  • Amount Information :

    13 000 EUR for Andy Burgess and 20 000 EUR for Padma Rashmi Shah.

  • deadline : 14 June 2021

How to apply to Social Entrepreneurship Scholarship Group?

Thank you to apply by the link bellow.

Apply Now

Other information

Relevant and direct experience in social enterprise and social entrepreneurship

About the University !

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