Scholarships in Turkey for African Students ! 5 grants offered

Would you like to know the available scholarships in Turkey for African Students? You’ve come to the right place!

Several universities and foundations regularly award scholarships in Turkey accessible and available to African students.

For example, the Turkish Government scholarships, the Atlantic European University scholarships and many other scholarships are available to students coming to Turkey from Africa.

And since there are many opportunities for African students to study in Turkey with a scholarship, we will show you only the most popular opportunities.

What scholarships in Turkey are available for African students? The most popular opportunities!

Mainly through these universities, Turkey gives African students the chance to study with scholarships.

Sometimes Turkish scholarships allow African students to partially finance their higher education, and sometimes these scholarships fully finance higher education (for free).

Therefore, consult and select the Turkish scholarship that meets your needs.


Explore the many scholarships for African students who want to study in Turkey.

There are lots of choices, so you can find the perfect scholarship to help you with your studies in a country known for its great education and diverse culture.

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