The best 30 Scholarships in France

We invite you to discover in this post the best 30 Scholarships in France for students.

Indeed, each year, universities in France, international and governmental organizations offer to foreign students hundreds of free scholarships in France.

These French scholarships can cover up to 100% of tuition fees.

In addition, you will find that these scholarships are in several specialties and cover all levels of study.

In fact, here are the main organizations that can offer free scholarships to study in France :

By the way, to study in France for free, it is better to first check the availability of new scholarships in France.

By the way, French universities are considered to be among the best universities in Europe and the world.

In fact, the universities in France offer hundreds of fields and specialties of study, and there are some French universities which appear in the ranking of the top 100 of the best universities in the world.

These French grants can cover the entire cost of studying in France, or at least a good part of the tuition fees.

In addition, if you are planning to go to study in France, we recommend that you first check the availability of scholarships.

Moreover, with those financial aids in France and free scholarships in France, you can study for free in France and benefit from a significant reduction in study costs.

Indeed, you must know all the best French scholarships before applying for a study in France.

So, if you want to know how to get a free study scholarship for France, we invite you to discover in this article the best scholarships available for France.

The best 30 Scholarships in France

We will present to you in this part the 30 best scholarships in France for international and foreign students.

Moreover, you should note that we regularly monitor the appearance of these new scholarships in France.

By the way, if you find that the scholarship date led by the link, then we will put the new scholarship as soon as it officially opens.

So, here is the list of the best French scholarships for the current year :

  1. Eiffel Excellence Scholarships Programs
  2. Émile Boutmy Scholarships
  3. Sophie Germain Scholarships
  4. HEC Foundation Excellence Scholarships
  5. EDHEC Foundation Scholarships
  6. Leonard de Vinci Business School Scholarships
  7. Labex Scholarships programs
  8. Welcome to France scholarships
  9. Henri Lebesgue scholarships
  10. Smarts Up Scholarships
  11. MISTRAL Excellence Scholarships
  12. IMDEA Le Mans University Scholarships
  13. INSEAD Scholarships
  14. OROSOUND University of Le Mans scholarships
  15. MINES ParisTech Scholarships
  16. EUR GENE Scholarships
  17. American University of Paris Scholarships
  18. Unframed Scholarships
  19. Solidarity Fund Scholarships
  20. Montpellier Business School Scholarships
  21. Rennes School of Business Talent Scholarships
  22. Centrale Nantes Elite Scholarships
  23. Aix-Marseille University TIGER Excellence Scholarships
  24. MSc International Business Scholarships
  25. Master Grande Ecole Scholarships
  26. IDEX University Grenoble Alpes Scholarships
  27. Structural Biology Scholarships
  28. Chemistry Biology Health Scholarships
  29. Institut Pasteur research Scholarships
  30. Foundation of Mathematical Sciences of Paris Scholarships

By the way, we invite you to discover these free scholarships in France presented, you will find the following information :

  • The organizations who offer the scholarship
  • The number of places in this scholarship
  • Annual opening date
  • Annual closing date
  • The amount of the scholarship
  • A link to this scholarship on our website.

By the way, the main condition requested by the universities in France to have a scholarship, is to be accepted in this university.

So, to do so, we invite you to find :

Thus, do not hesitate to contact the university for more information.

So, if you meet the requirements for these scholarships, and the application date is closed, you can review the availability of this scholarship at the next application opening.


Therefore, to conclude our post, we have presented to you the 30 best scholarships in France for foreign students.

Indeed, these French scholarships are considered to be among the best free scholarships in France.

In fact, each year, these universities and organizations offer hundreds of free French scholarship positions for foreign students.

Furthermore, having a scholarship is an excellent way to study for free in France.

In addition, if you are unable to obtain a scholarship in France, we invite you to find :

Moreover, these French grants allow international students to study in France in the best possible conditions.

Also, note that these scholarships have a start date and an end date.

Indeed, even if you find that a scholarship has ended, we will regularly update these scholarships as they appear on their official sites.

So, don’t hesitate to visit our website regularly and subscribe to our Newsletter to receive the latest French scholarships available.

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