Scholarships at Wallonia-Brussels International in Belgium 2021-2022

Scholarships at Wallonia-Brussels International in Belgium 2021-2022 – All information to know.

Find out all the information about the Wallonia-Brussels International scholarship:

  • The year of study?
  • Who offers the scholarship?
  • The target of the scholarship?
  • The amount of the scholarship?

And how to send your scholarship application?

Presentation of the scholarship : Wallonia-Brussels International Scholarships

In a context of increased mobility and globalization, this scholarship program was set up by Wallonia-Brussels International (WBI).

Benefit from a scholarship to follow a postdoctoral training within the framework of excellence provided by the university network and universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

National of any country, holder of a higher education diploma of doctor issued by a foreign institution.

This diploma must allow the start of a postdoctoral program exclusively in a University or Haute École in Wallonia or Brussels, which should be contacted on this subject.

Scholarship Information :

  • Year : 2021-2022
  • Country : Belgium
  • Organization : Wallonia-Brussels
  • Name : Wallonia-Brussels International Scholarships
  • Level : Phd
  • Specialty : Accounting and Finance Communication Human Sciences
  • Target : All Targets For African Students
  • Number of scholarships : N/A
  • Amount : Up to 21.000€
  • Amount Information :Up to 2100€ / month
  • deadline : 1 May 2021

How to apply for the scholarship of the Wallonia-Brussels?

WBI operates the selection of candidates in collaboration with all the scientific, academic and institutional partners concerned by the program.

Please apply via the link below.


Other information

It should be noted that you are allowed to submit a file even if you are in the course of a cycle and the doctoral degree is not yet in your possession.

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