Scholarships at College Hippo in USA 2021-2022

Scholarships from the College Hippo in USA for the academic year  2021-2022 – All information to know.

Find out all the information about the University of France scholarship:

The year of study?

Who offers the scholarship?

The target of the scholarship?

The amount of the scholarship?

And how to send your scholarship application?

Presentation of the scholarship : College Hippo Scholarships

The program aims to support American and international students who are currently enrolled in the graduate program in the United States.

They strive to help students in their learning process, from grade level to graduation.

They also help students gain a good understanding of basic concepts, provide comprehensive information on various exams.

The potential winner will be notified by email after the deadline.

Sponsor is not responsible for any potential winner notification that is lost, intercepted or not received by the potential winner for any reason.


  1. Register on the website
  2. Send an email to support with the following details
  3. Write an essay along with the following details
  • Full Name :
  • City :
  • Have you taken your GRE?. If yes, what is your GRE score?
  • If not, do you plan to take the GRE?
  • When do you plan to enroll?
  • What will be your area of specialization?
  • What universities are on your list?

Scholarship Information :

  • Year : 2021-2022
  • Country : United States
  • Organization : College Hippo
  • Name : College Hippo Scholarships
  • Level : Master Undergraduate
  • Specialty : Human Sciences Law Science
  • Target : All Targets For African Students
  • Number of scholarships : Not mentionned
  • Amount : 1000 $
  • Amount Information :Up to 1000 $
  • deadline : 31 July 2021

How to apply for the scholarship of the College Hippo ?

Thank you to apply with the link bellow.


Other information

No further informations.

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