The 37 Music and Arts Scholarships available

We invite you to discover in this post, the best and new Music and Arts scholarships available for the current academic year.

Students can apply to obtain a scholarship to study in Music and Arts for free of charge abroad such as in France, Belgium, Canada or other countries.

To help you find the best free scholarships in Music and Arts in the best universities in the world, we invite you to discover all the new offers of Scholarships intended for students to finance their higher university studies abroad, and this, to study in architectural studies.

Therefore, you will find all the lists of scholarships in the following specialities:

  • Interior design scholarships.
  • Exterior Music and Arts scholarships.
  • And, the civil engineering scholarships.

With this financial aid in the form of a scholarship, you can study a Music and Arts for free at an excellent university abroad in France, Belgium, Canada or another country and obtain a Music and Arts degree.

So, in general, to apply for and have a Music and Arts scholarship, each foreign student must:

  • Search one or more available Music and Arts scholarships.
  • Check the terms and requirements for each Music and Arts scholarship.
  • Prepare an application file.
  • Send one or more scholarship requests for a Music and Arts via email or the speciality platform of the organization offering the scholarship.
  • Pass tests and recruitment interviews.

If you successfully pass the tests and interviews with university selectors or scholarship providers, you will be able to go and do university studies in Music and Arts abroad without paying registration fees, study costs or other expenses of living.

Now and directly, please see below the list of new and best Music and Arts Scholarships available in France, Canada, Belgium and other countries which are meant for international students.

The 37 Music and Arts Scholarships available

In this part, we will discover the best scholarships in Music for the current academic year.

Indeed, the scholarships that we are going to present to you are the most popular scholarships.

These scholarships cover several specialties taught by the universities.

So, you can find in these scholarships, scholarships specialized in Music and Arts.

We advise you to contact the organization that offers these scholarships to check whether they offer scholarships in Music and Arts or not.

So, here is the list of top scholarships that can offer Music and Arts scholarships.

  1. RMIT University Scholarships in Australia
  2. Bond University Scholarships in Australia
  3. University of Technology of Sydney Scholarships in Australia
  4. University of Queensland Scholarships in Australia
  5. Sydney University Scholarships in Australia
  6. University of Melbourne Scholarships in Australia
  7. Ghent University Scholarships in Belgium
  8. ARES Scholarships programs in Belgium
  9. British Columbia University Scholarships in Canada
  10. Montreal University Scholarships in Canada
  11. Laval University Scholarships in Canada
  12. Eiffel Excellence Scholarships Programs in France
  13. IDEX University Grenoble Alpes Scholarships in France
  14. Welcome to France scholarships
  15. Smarts Up Scholarships in France
  16. University of Stuttgart Scholarships in Germany
  17. DAAD Scholarships in Germany
  18. Polytechnic of Milan Scholarships in Italy
  19. Padua International Excellence Scholarships in Italy
  20. University of Milan Scholarships in Italy
  21. Spanish Government Scholarships
  22. Chalmers University of Technology Scholarships in Sweden
  23. Dalarna University Scholarships in Sweden
  24. ETH Zurich Excellence Scholarships in Switzerland
  25. EPFL Excellence Scholarships in Switzerland
  26. Türkiye Bursları Scholarships
  27. Sabanci University Scholarships in Türkiye
  28. Koç University Scholarships in Türkiye
  29. Manchester University Scholarships in the UK
  30. Commonwealth Scholarships in the UK
  31. Oxford University Scholarships in the UK
  32. Cambridge University Scholarships in the UK
  33. University of Missouri-Kansas City Scholarships in the USA
  34. Knight-Hennessy Scholarships in the USA
  35. Minnesota University Scholarships in the USA
  36. Dream US Scholarships
  37. Indiana University Bloomington Scholarships

Thus, contact the organizations that offer scholarships to see the availability of scholarships in Music and Arts.


So, to conclude our article, we have presented for you, the top 37 Music and Arts scholarships.

Indeed, these scholarships are available in several countries around the world.

Moreover, as we have already mentioned, the scholarships mentioned in this article include several specialties.

By the way, the organizations offering scholarships generally offer scholarships in their fields of education.

So these scholarships may include some Music and Arts scholarships.

Indeed, we have tried to regroup the best scholarships that offer several scholarships in various study specialties

But, this is not 100% guaranteed that you will find scholarships in the specialties of your choice.

It remains your duty to check with the organizations offering scholarships, the availability of scholarships in Music and Arts within their organization.

So do not hesitate to contact them for further information.

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