20 MINES ParisTech Internship Grants In France 2022

20 MINES ParisTech Internship Grants In France 2022 – All information to know.

Find out all the information about the MINES ParisTech Internship :

  • The year of study?
  • Who offers the scholarship?
  • The target of the scholarship?
  • The amount of the scholarship?
  • And how to send your scholarship application?

Presentation of the scholarship : MINES ParisTech Internship

Being an intern in a research center is quite possible and it is even a great opportunity.

Whether you are in engineering school or university, they offer you subjects that correspond to your course.

In fact, you will find internships in the Cemef in relation to a company on projects with industrial challenges.

Scholarship Information :

  • Year : 2022-2023
  • Country : France
  • Organization : MINES ParisTech
  • Name : MINES ParisTech Internship
  • Level : Master Phd Undergraduate
  • Specialty : Science
  • Target : All Targets For African Students
  • Number of scholarships : 20
  • Amount : 550 €
  • Amount Information :Up to 550 € / month
  • deadline : 1 January 2022

How to apply for the scholarship of the MINES ParisTech?

Your application can only be submitted online.

Please apply via the link below.


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