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If you want to study at Laval University in Canada, you can found here all the informations, presentation and scholarship.

Discover the presentation, contact and all scholarships of Laval University.

Presentation Laval University

New ideas and excellence are the core values of Université Laval, which over the years has educated and graduated over 319,000 individuals, each of whom in their own way has contributed to the progress of their community and of society as a whole.

For 350 years Université Laval has shown tomorrow’s leaders how to achieve their goals and has demonstrated its commitment to tackling society’s greatest challenges.

Université Laval is an active member of its community, working hand-in-hand with local leaders and innovators in research and development.

By sharing its knowledge and expertise, the university plays a vital role in sustaining a vibrant, thriving community.

Contact the university

Adress : Laval University. 2325, rue de l’Université Québec G1V 0A6. Canada

Phone : 1 – 418 656-2131

Web Site :

Université Laval Scholarships

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