L’Oréal Scholarship HEC Paris France 2021-2022

L’Oréal Scholarship HEC Paris in France – All informations you must know .

Find out all the information about HEC Paris  scholarship :

  • The year of study?
  • Who offers the scholarship?
  • The target of the scholarship?
  • The amount of the scholarship?
  • And how to send your scholarship application?

Presentation of the scholarship : L’Oréal Scholarship HEC Paris

The right to be beautiful day after day: L’Oréal strives to make this a reality within the reach of every woman and man.

With over a century as a leading expert in cosmetics, this ambition is reflected in a brand portfolio unequalled anywhere in the world. Since 1909.

L’Oréal’s guiding mission has been to create and continuously promote an approach to beauty that is fun, affordable, fulfilling and genuine.

This mission has been adopted and executed by the expertise, creativity and innovation of the thousands of women and men who have built the group worldwide.

None of this would be possible without L’Oréal’s deep respect for human beings of all types and nationalities, and their genuine dedication to a sustainable business environment.

The group’s core values – a passion for new inventions through research, valuing talent and their potential, learning from the diversity of employees and clients, and remaining attentive and sensitive to consumers’ needs – help L’Oréal’s teams push forward to the frontiers of beauty every day

Scholarship Information :

  • Year : 2021-2022
  • Country : France
  • Organization : HEC Paris
  • Name : L’Oréal Scholarship
  • Level : Master
  • Specialty : Business Administration
  • Target : All Targets
  • Number of scholarships : 1
  • Amount : 10.000€
  • Amount Information :Up to 10.000€.
  • deadline : 16 November 2020


How to apply for the L’Oréal Scholarship from HEC Paris ?

Only admitted candidates can apply for this scholarship. Applicants will be required to submit a 1,500-word essay discussing the style of leadership they think maximizes creativity and innovation.


Other information

Recipients of the L’Oréal Scholarship are outstanding candidates who have been admitted to the HEC Paris MBA and can demonstrate the following:

  • Significant professional accomplishments
  • Leadership potential, including the ability to take initiative, motivate others, provide direction, and foster collaboration
  • Creativity and innovative thinking
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