Excellence scholarships at EDHEC in France 2023

We invite you to find all information you need to know about the Excellence scholarships at EDHEC in France in 2023.

Find out all the information about these Scholarships in France :

  • The year of study,
  • The number of place,
  • Organization offering the scholarship,
  • The targets,
  • The amount
  • And deadline to apply for the scholarship.

Scholarships are the best way to go to study abroad in France for free or at best coast.

Moreover, several universities in France offer hundreds of scholarships each year.

So, you should find all the requirements and conditions to be able to apply for this scholarship in France.

By the way, all scholarships to study abroad need some requirements, and conditions to know.

Thus, in this article, we present these Scholarships in France for the 2022-2023 academic year.

This scholarship is open to students preparing for their Undergraduate, Master and PhD degrees and awarded based on demonstrated academic merit.

Excellence scholarships at EDHEC in France in 2023

Thus, in this article, we present the Excellence scholarships at EDHEC in France for the 2022-2023 academic year.

There are general information about this scholarship in France :

  • Name : Excellence scholarships
  • Country : France
  • Organization : Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales
  • Year : 2022-2023
  • Level : Bachelor’s, Master’s
  • Specialities : Chemistry; Communication and Journalism; Straight ; Management, management, finance and commerce; Math ; Economics and political sciences
  • Targets : African Students and International Students
  • Number of Scholarships : N/A
  • Deadline : June 30, 2022
  • Financial aid : Partial Scholarships
  • The Amount : 30% of the study costs

The EDHEC group offers a range of training courses intended to cover all the needs of today’s companies. The non-profit group encourages talented students to arm themselves with essential skills demanded in the job market, but also encourages investment in research.

The ‘Excellence’ scholarships granted by the EDHEC Group, equivalent to a 30% reduction in the student’s tuition fees, are available to talented students wishing to develop their career by following a Master’s degree at EDHEC.


So, to conclude our post, we have presented for you, the Excellence scholarships at EDHEC in France for the year 2022-2023.

To study abroad, it is best to first check the availability of new scholarships in France.

Answer to all those requirements and conditions to be able to apply for this scholarship in France.

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